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How Do We Produce?

Uçucu yağlar

We produce natural herbal oils with two main production methods, in other words, with pure and natural original production methods. These two main production methods are as follows:

For Natural Fixed Natural Oils: The cold-press natural herbal oils production process.

For Volatile Natural Herbal Oils: The steam distillation volatile aromatic oil production process.

You can access the workflow diagrams of both methods by downloading the PDF documents provided below.

We purchase oilseeds, seeds, and medicinal aromatic plants grown in Turkiye directly from farmer sources, conduct quality controls, and store them in our vegetable oil production factory. Oilseeds and seeds that are harvested correctly during the season are brought to our production facility. At our production facility, they are classified according to organic and conventional production processes. They are stored in our raw material warehouse in appropriate conditions and hygienic environments. They are processed fresh according to the needs and orders of our customers. Until orders and demands arise, we store the products as raw materials, not as vegetable oils.

After our customers place their natural oils orders, the seeds and seeds are processed in the cold-press vegetable oil production line, while the plants, leaves, roots, stems, and flowers are processed in the steam distillation volatile oil production line. We supply our customers with fresh, pure, and the highest quality vegetable oils throughout the year.

Oilseeds and aromatic plants are seasonal. Therefore, we analyze our customers' average vegetable oil needs throughout the year and stock raw materials based on potential demands. This is why the quality standard of the first batch of vegetable oil our customers receive from Naturalis OLEA is exactly the same as the quality standard of the last vegetable oil they receive in the same year. This strategy is the most effective way for our customers to maintain stability and quality standards in their manufacturing processes. This is why we supply the right products for quality production.

You can download the PDF documents below to examine the workflow of the cold-press natural vegetable oil production process and the distillation volatile essential oil production process.

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